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School Absenteeism Surveillance system has been developed among 15000 schools in 15 prefectures in Japan. It is approximately 30% of all the elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. We are trying to expand this system to kindergardens and nursery schools.

Characteristics of School Absenteeism Surveillance system

  • Support to protect childrens's health
  • Quick and proper adjustment for infectious disease strategies.
    - Effective to establish public health strategies for influenza, norovirus, measles.
    - This system enables us to have advice from specialists in early stage and it might prevent a spread of these infections.
  • It automatically analyzes something with data, and the results showed visually effectively.
    - Charting and mapping
  • Shortening working hours.
    - Automatically making a document for school suspension.
    - Submission of documents through online
  • School absenteeism surveillance through out the year
  • For prospective detection


How wide area use "School Absenteeism Surveillance system (SSASy) for now" (October, 1st, 2011)

The areas using SASSy. 鳥取県・岐阜県・島根県・香川県・新潟県・茨城県・佐賀県・千葉県・宮城県(仙台市除く)・長崎県・福岡市・長野県・大分県・高知県・堺市・秋田県・鹿児島県・奈良県・群馬県・三重県
15065 schools (33% of all schools in Japan)
Using SASSy partially. 東京都(都立、中野区)・埼玉県(所沢市)・栃木県(小山市)・愛媛県(松前町・四国中央市)・青森県(十和田市・五所川原市)・静岡県(県立の一部)・大阪府(大阪狭山市)・広島県(熊野町・尾道市・東広島市)、山口県(長門市)
Under adjustment 岩手県・兵庫県
Under investigation 熊本県・滋賀県・神奈川県・栃木県・宮崎県


  • Strategies for infectious diseases are important, not only for influenza, but for norovirus, measles.
  • This system make it possible to share information of epidemic among people in an area.
Entryform (every day)
*Click to see a larger version.
Entryform (every day)
The number of absence:(fever, headache, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, vomiting, and rash), influenza etc..
  Entryform (school suspention)
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Entryform (school suspention)
Influenza, infectious gastroenteritis, chicken pox, mumps, hand, foot and mouth disease, Herupangina, RS, streptococcal infection, pharyngitis conjunctivitis, epidemic keratoconjunctivitis and other diseases.

学校 - 症状

New function (What's new?) new

- Warning from Education Board of province -

acknowledge alart


- Sending an e-mail Automatically when an outbreak occurs. -

  • When an out break and school suspention because of enterohemorrhagic E. coli infection, tuberculosis, rubella, and measles occurs, Education Board of province, Health Center, National institute of infectious diseases (NIID), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology send an email automatically.
  • When they change or remove an warning, an email would be sent.
  • Good for early detection and strategies on early stage.
  • Measle; [Even if one case are detected, it would take measures to it!]

History of SASSy

An committee of surveillance for early detection of school absenteeism in the medical association of Izumo in November 2011. Education board of izumo city join to organize this system together. SASSy have put to practical use and share information among the persons concerned.

The way we induce SASSy

  • Meetings with the Education Board of province
  • Briefing to school nurses (including practice)

Information of trial version



Education Boards of cities (Use URL above)

Health Center(Use URL above)

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